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Cellulite Progress Report: Rebecca

Rebecca is actually a case study for two projects I am working on. The first one is the cellulite study that I am doing, but I am also writing a fitness book on the Hystrength approach to fighting menopause. It is a given that women who go through menopause will have a pot belly from the […]

Cellulite Study Progress Report: Alex

Alex started the study with me on January 1st, 2015. She has dieted and exercised before, but this is the first time she did it with a structured and supervised strength training program. Her weight loss program the last time consisted of a high protein, low-fat and low carb diet, coupled with a walking program. The rationale […]

My Study on Cellulite Loss

Two years ago I wrote an article on HubPages about a diet and exercise program I put my wife through that completely reshaped her body…and got rid of her cellulite. The article explained our strategy. Surprisingly, over 42,000 people have read it. You can read the article here. Apparently, there is a need for solid information about […]

The Shift

Changing ones life path takes courage. It involves taking a clear assessment of one’s habits and ingrained thought and emotional patterns…and making conscious steps to override these patterns to bring about change. Changing from an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle to a fit, healthy lifestyle is an example. Many new years resolutions go by the wayside after […]

Don’t Neglect Stability Training

I have a client I have been working with for over 3 years now. He is very strong and in good overall condition. For the most part, we focused on increasing his general strength and conditioning, weight loss, and functional conditioning. We have been very successful. He lost about 30 pounds of fat. He can […]

“Lots of Meat”

“I need to eats lots of meat, right?” When Sharon and I are asked what kind of diet we follow, and we explain that we are on a low carb diet along the lines of the Paleo way of eating, that is the general statement we get. Along those lines, when I read about low […]